Art has always been something our family enjoyed. There was a stack of coloring books in the cupboard and a bucket of crayons, but there was always a stack of paper too to encourage the kids to use their own imagination and creativity.

We loved art because art was fun, and doing fun things makes you happy. However, over the years we have come to understand that art is much more than playing. Skills developed go deeper than just drawing a nice picture or modeling a pretty vase. Such skills include:

hand-eye coordination

problem solving



non verbal communication

Art helps a child develop mentally, socially, and emotionally.

Art therapy can be especially useful for children who are less capable and comfortable expressing their feelings.

When we became grandparents, we wanted to encourage our grandkids to be creative and provide them with the tools and opportunities to be artists. Then, we decided we wanted to encourage alot more kids than those who are in our family. In 2015, we created Young at Art. We created an “art bag” that provides basic tools for art and also a book that tells about a few famous master artists to educate and inspire kids to use their own creativity. Our hope is that through learning about artists who overcame obstacles, persevered, and had the courage to share what they created, young people today will have a desire to do the same. We also hope that parents can see the importance of encouraging a child to create their own art. With the school systems putting less and less emphasis on the arts, the more we feel the urgency to do so.

We have had the opportunity to donate several art bags to Primary Children’s Hospital, Shriner’s Hospital, and The Christmas Box House to be given to children who may be in a difficult situation and in need of some inspiration, encouragement, and fun. This has made the passion we feel for art even more fun and exciting.

We hope you will share the need for art and the joy of art by purchasing an art bag for someone you love.